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Insurance Administrator/Agent/CSR P&C/LAH Edu.

– Business Insurance Business School is the ONLY “INSURANCE IMPLIED LAWS & RULE” Academy and School in the World that has invested $100’s of thousands to expand and improve in all fields of technology, curriculum materials, and infrastructure to achieve being Approved by the (“Bureau Of Private Postsecondary Education”) BPPE’s high standards for having undisputed best grade Course materials, and Books, recognized and awarded as an “Skill Education Program” provider, with one goal in mind to create the Best and ONLY Insurance Academy in the World that Offers, “Skill Education Programs” for: Insurance Administrators, Agents-Brokers Executive Business, “Pre-Licensing” State Exam Education Program and “Skill” Education Program.

  – This is not only a “Pre-Licensing” State Exam Education Program but also “An SKILL Education Program” which teaches skills for these professions with an in-depth education program on the [“entire subject matters of insurance and implied laws”] As described on CALJOBS website under program Code # 521701: It’s a program that prepares individuals to manage risk in organizational settings and provide insurance and risk-aversion services to businesses, individuals, and other organizations. Program includes instruction: casualty and general liability insurance, property insurance, employee benefits, social and health insurance, loss adjustment, understanding of underwriting process, risk theory, and pension planning. The education you earn through this program qualifies you to earn top pay Jobs in any industry or a Business type, because exact Rules implies.