Class minimum number of hours that an applicant for the State Insurance License is required to attend are mandated and Regulated by the California or your State’s Department of Insurance.

Therefore, before you can obtain a Certificate of Completion, you are required to Attend the Class via “LIVE” web cam, exactly as IF you are required to attend an actual class, or an online self study, as mandated and required by Dept. Of Insurance Rules and Regulations: the class attendance is monitored and recorded, you can only take breaks when breaks are given by the instructor, or sessions are concluded untill you complete the exact number of hours stated within the description of the class. “IF” for any reasons you miss part or an entire day of a particular class you are required to attend that Class exactly on the week day you missed the class, FOR MORE DETAILS or:

IF you may have any further questions about this manadate you may visit CA Department of Insurance page on this web site, or contact either us at toll free 1-877-800-2822 or the CA Dept. of Insurance.